Make the Wedding an Ever Memorable One With the best Photography

Because you do not want to be part of all those couples who bitterly regret their choice of photographer we Offer you the tips to guide you in your choice.

What style of shooting you like

This may seem obvious to you, but it is important to look at the work of your future photographer, it is necessary that his “style” resembles and touches you. If his photos do not make you hot or cold, this may not be the right one. The use of the wedding photographer is important here.

For our part, the photographic style is focused on:

Seize the emotions

For us, it is essential to transcribe the strong emotions of this unforgettable day, as well as the spontaneous emotions.

The choice of the right light

The photographer of your choice must master the base of the photo, namely the light. Even in complex situations like a strong backlight.

The sense of detail

If your emotions are important to us, they do not neglect the small details so far, the bouquet, the wedding rings, and this element of decoration that is important to you.

Being at the right time in the right place

Your marriage will be rich in key moments, emotional moments, unusual moments, and moments of laughter. It is important that the photographer you choose is able to capture them.

Being two of us can be in two places at the same time, one of our strengths being a couple of photographers, better than a single photographer (or a photographer with a seasonal assistant), they know each other.

Also, they know how to position ourselves at the right moment to seize these moments, without needing to communicate between us.

They can also capture two complementary points of view for example when leaving the town hall or the church: the point of view of the bridegroom and the point of view of your guests capture the reaction in the eyes of your parents. and at the same time in yours when you say “yes”. That the “treatment” (retouching) of photos you like while remaining “timeless”In other words, this style of editing is not exceeded in 10, 20 or 30 years.

Whatever the photographer is, if he is professional, it will apply a treatment to your photos to sublimate them, on the same principle as the hairstyle or make-up for the bride. For example, warm up a cold atmosphere, bring light, erase an unsightly or disruptive element in the image, etc.

This treatment is also found on the realization of beautiful black and white

And not the “gray and gray” that you have probably unfortunately already crossed: slide to the right and left to see the difference below. This treatment (editing) is also the “signature”, the artistic leg of your future photographer.It is important that the editing style used by the photographer please you, while paying attention that this style is not too much in a fashion phenomenon.

You already know the, a little if you have been reading the section “who are we” from their websites, but they do not know you yet, they need to know your wishes, the moments or the people important to you.

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