Catering Services

Finest Deals for the Perfect Catering Now

Do you want your party to be organized by a caterer? It is a good idea to entrust professionals with organizing your party. But for everything to be as good as possible, it is essential that you have good relations with him. You can ask the caterer to coordinate everything, the meal, the service and the equipment. It can also take care of the rental of marquees, animation, or offer you a place of reception. In short everything but the event night

Tips to choose your caterer

Do not forget that caterers practice a very hard job, requiring long performances.Tell yourself that there is no secret and you will only get what you pay for. The point is how much you are willing to pay.Remember to ask for offers several months in advance, or even a year especially if your party is scheduled during the high season. Visit the places of reception with the caterer and choose with him the location of the tables, buffets etc. With the best interational buffer catering in Singapore you will find the best deal here.

Ask a detailed estimate and check what is included and what is not:

  • The menu
  • The drinks
  • The service
  • The equipment
  • The decoration (flowers, candles etc.)
  • Transport, staff meal
  • Possible supplements
  • VAT

When you agree, sign and have the quote signed by the caterer. Ask the caterer for customer references. Many do so automatically.If you have the courage, make an inventory and the drinks account at the end. Read in detail the conditions that will be submitted to you at the same time as the quote.

Be demanding on the little “more” that only word of mouth will convey to you: Was the service attentive? Have we replaced the empty bottles, changed the ashtrays, made sure he had enough bread? Etc. The friendliness of the staff is a very important aspect. Rude waiters, who jostle the guests, it’s not really happy.

Do not cheat: Neither on your budget, nor on the number of guests. If you want the organization to be good, the data needs to be accurate.

Do not bother the caterer on the day of the party by giving him orders, advice, or leaving the kitchen squat by your children. Do not let dogs and cats run everywhere.

The budget allocated to the caterer must not be the one on which to save money. But conversely, the best will not necessarily be the most expensive. Do not hesitate to contact several to request quotes;

The menu: the caterer must propose a menu corresponding to your event (public concerned, theme, etc.) but also take into account the diets of each (vegetarian, gluten intolerance, allergies, etc.).

The service: buffet or seated meal, make sure that the caterer has enough servers to take care of your employees. There is nothing worse than a service too long or dishes served cold.